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23 September 2016, 01:00

It may be Autumn but it is Spring time for May

• 66% of over 50s voters satisfied with the job the Prime Minister was doing
• 85% of over 50s believe Labour Party in-fighting has damaged the party’s reputation
• Support for Jeremy Corbyn higher amongst those that voted Green and SNP in last election than with those that voted labour

The Labour leadership election may have excited Party members – but it has been bruising for their public reputation. A new Saga Populus poll of some 7,500 over 50s indicated that 85% thought the contest had damaged the Party’s reputation.

What is more surprising is that the proportion of those thinking that Jeremy Corbyn was the right person to lead Labour was stronger amongst those who voted Green (36%) or SNP (30%) at the last General Election than for those who voted Labour (29%).

When asked about the Government’s handling of post Brexit events opinion was clearly split, 38% said it made them less confident in the Conservatives whilst 32% were more confident.

Perhaps more positive for the Government – 66% said they were satisfied with the job Mrs May was doing overall as Prime Minister, and a further 23% said although they were dissatisfied, they still preferred her as PM than Jeremy Corbyn. Interestingly 30% of those that voted for Labour in the last election were dissatisfied but preferred to have Theresa May running the country than Jeremy Corbyn!

Saga’s director of communications, Paul Green commented: “Saga is strictly neutral when it comes to Party politics, but our customers are very engaged and politically aware. The post Brexit political environment is fascinating – not just for political junkies and psephologists. It appears we may have entered autumn, but for the public it appears it’s all about May.”


Editors notes:

Populus interviewed 7,412 Saga respondents, all aged 50+, online between 20th September and 22nd September 2016. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules; for more information see

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