23 March 2022, 09:30

Saga sharpens focus on ‘Generation Experience’ with specialist research acquisition

Saga sharpens focus on ‘Generation Experience’ with specialist research acquisition: Saga's new 'Memories' advert - Nicholas Farrell by Spirit of Adventure's lido
  • The Big Window, a specialist research and insight business focusing on ageing, joins Saga as its new ‘knowledge agency’ to help create tailored products and services for customers
  • It bolsters Saga’s ongoing brand revitalisation strategy, focusing on the positive aspects of ageing and aligning with the mindset of today’s people over 50
  • New research shows ‘Generation Experience’ are active, health-conscious active lifestyles, from volunteering to cultural experiences – challenging stereotypes that persist in advertising, media and popular culture

London – March 23, 2022: Saga, the UK's specialist in products and services for people over 50, today announces the acquisition of the Big Window, a leading research and insight business focusing on ageing.

The move is a key part of Saga’s wider data, digital and brand strategy, which champions what Saga is calling “Generation Experience” – the discerning, sharp and savvy people over 50 who bring a wealth of vibrant life experience to society and represent over a third of the UK population.

Saga customers feel on average 14 years younger than they are, and - according to research analysed by the Big Window – most people over 50 feel (71%) feel that representation of them in the media is unfairly focused on age. Contrary to stereotypes, the majority lead active lifestyles and feel they have a lot to give. For example:

  • New friendships: 24% of 65-74year olds and 31% of 75+year olds have made valuable friendships through voluntary work
  • Sport and exercise: 51% of 65-74year olds regularly exercise and do sport to keep healthy - as many as their younger counterparts
  • Culture: 43% of 65-74year old are doing things like going to theatre or art galleries

The over 50s are the fastest growing demographic in the UK, and one that holds the most spending power comparatively. 28.2 million people will be over the age of 50 by 2031 in the UK, and 63p of every £1 will be spent by people over 65 in 2040. Saga aims to make people think differently about age, ensuring people over 50 are not left out of the debate about the need for greater cultural representation.

Challenging stereotypes to build unique products

The Big Window becomes one of the business units within Saga and will act as its in-house ‘knowledge agency’, creating unique points of difference for customers across Travel, Insurance and Personal Finance, as well as Saga Magazine and online content.

CEO Lisa Edgar joins the Saga Executive Leadership Team to oversee the unit, which will also serve clients outside of Saga, aiming to provide them with competitive advantage to design unique products and services relevant to what people over 50 think and feel, rather than outdated stereotypes.

Lisa Edgar, CEO of the Big Window, said: “People over 50 tell us that they don’t feel seen for who they really are. Too often they are unfairly stereotyped as older, slower, lower – when the reality is that for millions of people, growing older means greater resilience, adaptability and experience.

“I am delighted to join the Saga team at a time when the business is celebrating the positive aspects of ageing, with a focus on the new experiences and adventures people over 50 want to enjoy. Using data and insight means we can ensure our experienced customers feel respected and valued for their worth.”

Euan Sutherland, CEO of Saga Group, said: “Our customers tell us they think of themselves as experienced, not old. We want to create experiences that mirror the reality of life for people over 50 in Britain and not just the stereotypes – driving better representation of what it means to be ‘experienced’ in business, advertising and the media. Adding the Big Window’s unique capabilities to our business means we are well placed to help drive this change.”


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Notes to editors

Notes to Editors

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  • Saga's new 'Memories' advert - Nicholas Farrell by Spirit of Adventure's lido