01 February 2023, 01:00

Saga to offer guests MATE-X e-bikes to explore destinations

Saga to offer guests MATE-X e-bikes to explore destinations: Saga Cruises' new Mate-X e-bikes for guests (1)

Saga is to offer guests electric bikes to explore the destinations its ocean ships visit.

Many of Saga’s guests enjoy exploring when they reach a port and the addition of the new e-bikes will make it even easier to see more of the destination. As well as being available for independent rides, Saga will also offer group bike tours.

Saga is currently taking delivery of 60 of the MATE X e-bikes – the first cruise operator to work with the exclusive e-bikes brand - and they will be on board and ready to use from the Summer 2023 season. The ocean ships ‘Spirit of Adventure’ and ‘Spirit of Discovery’ will have 30 each and they will be brightly Saga branded with the operator’s sky-blue colouring and dark-blue logo.

There are also plans to introduce them to the river ships is due course.

The bikes are known for their style, comfort and ease of use. They come with wide tyres and rugged suspension, offering comfort, stability and safety. Hydraulic brakes make slowing down simple with the touch of a finger.

Gentle pedalling from the rider is supplemented by the bike’s 250-watt motor making cycling almost effortless.

For safety, guests will be supplied with a helmet and lock and the bikes and helmets feature in-built lights and indicators. Guests will also receive a full safety briefing before venturing out.

The bikes will then be re-charged when guests return to the ship and stored safely in a dedicated area on board.

The bikes also offer a more sustainable way to go sight-seeing.

Nigel Blanks, CEO of Saga Cruises, said: “For many of our guests experiencing new things and looking after their well-being are enormously important so the e-bikes are perfect for them.

“They’ll be available for independent rides and group tours so our guests can explore the ports we stop in and venture a little further under their own steam. We expect them to be really popular and a little different to what people may expect from Saga.”

MATE CEO, Thomas Vuillez, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Saga Cruises proposing fun, foldable, and quality lifestyle e-bikes to their discerning customers. It is a pleasure to welcome their guests into the MATE Tribe. I’m delighted that MATE will make it possible for guests to explore new paths to their cruise journeys and add extra everyday magic during their holidays.”


1 February, 2023

For further information, please contact sagatravel@headlandconsultancy.com.

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Amanda Allan

Notes to editors

In 2016, MATE was founded in Denmark to shake up today’s transportation scene by designing the sleekest, fastest, most versatile, foldable e-bike on the market. MATE launched what would become the most successful European crowdfunding campaign ever, and has done collaborations with amazing brands, such as Moncler and Palm Angels.

Today, thousands of riders have endorsed the MATE movement.

MATE Bikes are available in two models, MATE X and MATE City, and have an array of stunning features, such as phone charging capabilities, eight gears and full suspension.  

The Mate X bike can reach up to 25km per hour, cover up to 60 miles on one charge and is fully foldable for easy storage.


  • Saga Cruises' new Mate-X e-bikes for guests (1)

  • Saga Cruises' new Mate-X e-bikes for guests (3)

  • Saga Cruises' new Mate-X e-bikes for guests (2)