01 March 2016, 00:00

Saga urges pensions minister not to repeat past mistakes on pension age

Commenting on the announcement by Baroness Altmann that former CBI Director John Cridland has been appointed as independent reviewer of state pension age, Paul Green, director of communications for retirement specialists Saga said:

"Reviews to the state pension age are understandably very emotive. Whilst many people recognise the need to extend working lives for those that are able there has been repeated criticism of the speed in which previous changes have been introduced. Many people, particularly women, had made plans for their retirement and felt that they weren't notified of the changes early enough - leaving them with little to no time to make alternative plans to fund their retirement. We urge the pension's minister not to repeat past mistakes and promise that any changes will not affect those within ten years of the current expected retirement age to give both men and women a fair amount of time to properly plan."


For further information please contact Paul Green on 01303 776023 or paul.green@saga.co.uk



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