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The Saga Populus Panel is the largest research panel, gauging the attitudes and opinions of today's over 50s in the UK.
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Saga/Populus Panel April 2018

Executive summary

Holiday mishaps
- One fifth (19%) of Saga respondents reported having experienced some kind of mishap on holiday since turning 50.
- Older respondents were more likely than younger respondents to have suffered a holiday mishap. 15% of 50-59 year olds said they had experienced a mishap, compared to 22% among 80-89s.
- The most common mishaps were being hospitalised due illness or accident (5%), having a car breakdown (5%) or having items stolen from their bag whilst out (5%). This was followed by having a credit card declined (4%), getting sunburnt on the first day of the holiday (2%) or being double booked in their accommodation (2%).

Delayed flights
- Three in ten (30%) Saga respondents reported having experienced a flight delay in the last two years when going on holiday.
- Amongst those who reported having experienced a delay, the average delay time was 3 hours 20 minutes. One in ten (10%) said they had been subject to a delay of more than ten hours.
- While waiting for a delayed flight, three fifths (60%) said that they sat in the departure lounge, which was by far the most common activity. The next most common activities were going to a restaurant (16%), going to the airport lounge (13%), going to a local hotel (7%), going shopping (6%) or having a few drinks in one of the bars (6%).
Gadgets on holiday
- Three quarters (77%) of over 50s said they had used a portable device, such as an iPad, laptop or smartphone, while on holiday.
- Portable phone chargers (57%), smart phones (54%) and tablet computers (51%) were the gadgets that Saga respondents most commonly said they took on holiday.
- The most common reason for using a portable device on holiday was to stay in contact with people at home through email (63%). This was followed by reading an e-book (33%), using social media (30%) or staying in contact with people at home through skype (15%)
- Saga respondents were somewhat more likely to say they would take a portable device on holiday (84%) than had reported doing so (77%). Seven in ten (70%) said they would do so to stay in contact with people at home through email. Saga respondents would also use a portable device to read an e-book (38%), use social media (32%) or stay in contact with people back at home through skype (22%).

Royal weddings
- The two royal weddings Saga respondents remembered most were Prince Charles’ marriage to Lady Diana Spencer (94%) and Prince William’s to Kate Middleton (91%). Prince Charles’ to Camilla Parker Bowles (78%), Prince Anne’s to Captain Phillips (73%), Prince Andrew’s to Sarah Ferguson (72%) and Prince Edward’s to Sophie Rhys-Jones (51%) were the next most often remembered.
- Saga respondents felt that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding was the most memorable, with six in ten (61%) saying so. Second was Prince William and Kate Middleton’s (16%) followed by the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip (8%).

The third child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge
- 15% of saga respondents correctly guessed that the Duchess of Cambridge would give birth to a boy. 11% thought it would be a girl, and three quarters (74%) said they did not know.

Populus interviewed 11,935 Saga respondents, all aged 50+ online between 17th and 23rd April 2018. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules; for more information www.populus.co.uk.

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