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The Saga Populus Panel is the largest research panel, gauging the attitudes and opinions of today's over 50s in the UK.
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Saga/Populus Panel June 2018

Executive summary

Travel insurance
- Three quarters (76%) of Saga respondents said that they buy travel insurance before they go on holiday.
- Of those who buy travel insurance before going on holiday four fifths (83%) said they disclose pre-existing medical conditions to their insurer. Half (53%) said they choose the start date as the day they buy their policy, regardless of when they actually leave for their holiday.
- Those purchasing travel insurance tended to feel comfortable with the process. Three fifths (59%) said they found buying travel insurance easy and a similar proportion (57%) claimed to read the small print of policies before buying.
- Half (48%) of those buying travel insurance had made a claim while on holiday. Medical treatments (21%) and abandoned holidays (13%) were the most commonly reported claims.
- 3% of those buying travel insurance said they had to stay overseas longer than intended due to illness, while 4% said they had delayed medical treatment in order to go on holiday.
- Travelling within the UK (25%) and possession of a European Health Insurance Card (12%) were the most common reasons given amongst those who said they do not typically buy travel insurance.

Minister for Older People
- Nine in ten (87%) Saga respondents said that the aging population represents both an opportunity and a challenge for policymakers. A similarly large percentage (86%) said that they feel policymakers need to do more to show that they are ready for the changes this will bring.
- Three fifths (63%) said they supported the creation of a Minister for Older People. Just over half (56%) said they thought this would have a meaningful impact on older people’s lives.
- Half (49%) of those who supported the creation of a Minster for Older People said they wanted this individual to be involved in all Government decisions. 45% wanted them to be involved in health policy and two fifths (40%) in welfare policy.

- Almost all (99%) Saga respondents said they had some awareness of cybersecurity. Understanding was higher among younger respondents when compared to older respondents, with 76% of 50-59 year olds saying they either knew it very well or knew a fair amount compared to 54% of 80-89 year olds.
- While almost all (97%) said that computers need to be protected with antivirus software and recognised that cybersecurity breaches could lead to loss of money (97%), two thirds (67%) said they assess cybersecurity risks before making online purchases or reported knowing how to assess those risks (64%).
- Reported understanding of privacy settings for browsers (61%) was higher than for social media accounts (41%). A greater proportion of Saga respondents also said they knew how to amend the privacy settings on their browsers (60%) than on their social media accounts (42%).
- Seven in ten (72%) Saga respondents said they were at risk from being the victim of cyber scams and online fraud.
- If respondents felt they had been the victim of a scam, 76% said they would turn to their bank, 73% to the police and 47% to Action Fraud.

- Over half (54%) of Saga respondents with grandchildren said they were planning on looking after their grandchildren over the school holidays. 32% said they would look after them at least once a week.
- Half (47%) of those intending to look after their grandchildren were planning on taking them on days out (e.g. to the beach or museum). A third (32%) said they would entertain them at home.
- Saga respondents that planned on look after their grandchildren over the summer holidays expected to spend an average of £118 on this. Grandfathers said they would spend slightly more on average than grandmothers (£124 and £110 respectively).

Populus interviewed 11,334 Saga respondents, all aged 50+ online between 19 and 25 June 2018. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules; for more information www.populus.co.uk.

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