18 July 2018, 08:30

“Grandsitters” ready to kick off summer fun with their grandchildren

“Grandsitters” ready to kick off summer fun with their grandchildren: SSE HLTH 4477-2
  • Over half (54%) of grandparents said they were planning to look after their Grandchildren during the school holidays.
  • A third say they will provide childcare for grandchildren at least once a week.
  • Grandparents expected to spend £118 on average looking after grandchildren during the summer holidays.

With the majority of schools now breaking up for the summer, grandparents across the country are preparing for how they are going to keep their grandchildren amused in the summer holidays.  Over half (54%) of grandparents say they are stepping in to look after their grandchildren this summer to enable the parents to continue to go to work.

The research by Saga Home Insurance among a panel of more than 7,000 Saga members reveals that “Grandsitters” are stepping in to provide regular childcare - one in ten are expecting to look after their grandchildren once a week and the same number say they will have their grandchildren with them twice a week over the holidays.

Today’s grandparents are very aware of the pressure on modern families and in particular the expense of childcare – with most reporting to be happy to help out where they can. Those providing regular care for their grandchildren help to alleviate the financial struggle of excessive child care costs for their children, by enabling them to work more to support their families.

The survey also demonstrates the benefits of grandparents providing childcare for grandchildren, Grandsitters relish the chance to spend quality time with grandchildren, to get out and about with them, while also giving them the opportunity to share their experience and wisdom.

Looking after grandchildren is also helping people to keep active.  Half (47%) of those intending to look after their grandchildren were planning on taking them on days out such as the beach or a museum. While one in seven plan on taking them on holiday either in the UK or abroad.

Spending time with grandchildren does have some cost implications.  Those planning to look after their grandchildren over the summer holidays expected to spend an average of £118 entertaining them. Grandfathers said they would spend slightly more on average than grandmothers (£124 and £110 respectively).

Lisa Harris, Head of Communications at Saga said, “Grandparents today play a pivotal role in their grandchildren’s lives although this role has evolved over recent years. With more working parents relying on them to help manage the costs of childcare some grandparents are now choosing to cut down their own working hours to help juggle work and childcare in order to support their children.

“However, it’s not just about money, grandparents get a lot out of this too.  Not only do they enjoy the chance to spend some time with their grandchildren making memories, they also get to share their wisdom and skills and even learn from the grandchildren to keep up to date with all the latest trends.”





Angela Clifton

Notes to editors

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1Populus interviewed 11,334 adults, all aged 50+ online between 19th and 25th June 2018. Data was weighted to be nationally representative. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules; for more information www.populus.co.uk

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