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Living up to the name of Discovery!

Living up to the name of Discovery!: DST Brazil EXT 28565b

Spirit of Discovery’s Grand South America Voyage features four immersive overnight calls

  • Tour the Galapagos Islands from Callao, Peru
  • Join Amazon eco-lodge experience from Manaus, Brazil
  • Explore remote Falkland Islands from capital Stanley
  • Hit beaches and journey to Mount Corcovado in Rio

Saga’s new ship Spirit of Discovery features four immersive overnight calls during the once-in-a-lifetime South America: A Grand Voyage sailing on January 6, 2021. 

Sailing from Southampton, the cruise offers guests the chance to explore the contrasting destinations of Manaus and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; Stanley in the Falkland Islands and Callao, in Peru during two-day moorings.

In Manaus, there’s an opportunity to stay in an Amazon eco lodge to spot wildlife and listen to the sounds of the jungle away from the tourist hub. The tour includes a rainforest walk, a fishing trip and a visit to a local home with expert guides who also explain the jungle’s ecosystem.

The thrilling, 83-night adventure also features Rio de Janeiro, with the magnificent statue of Christ the Redeemer, the largest Art Deco sculpture in the world, which sits atop Mount Corcovado. Guests also have time to soak up the sun on Copacabana Beach, enjoy a Caipirinha or two and discover much more of this incredible city.

From Callao, Peru, there’s an optional tour to the Galapagos Islands which inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The archipelago is renowned for its biodiversity and species that are not found anywhere else in the world such as the Galapagos marine iguana and penguins.  The volcanic island chain is in the Pacific Ocean, forming part of Ecuador, and the combination of minimal human interference and a lack of major predators make it a magical destination.

An overnight call to Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, gives guests a rare chance to discover more remote parts of this unique archipelago as well as admiring Stanley’s Victorian buildings, Anglican cathedral and a lighthouse. The Historic Dockyard Museum hosts displays on the 1982 conflict with Argentina, as well as exhibits about the islands’ history, flora and fauna.

The 83-night clockwise circumnavigation of South America includes many more highlights such as navigating the southern tip of South America at Cape Horn, discovering the wilderness of Patagonia and passing through the Panama Canal, as well as visiting Chile and Colombia.

A range of expert speakers and musicians, plus a leading chef with an insight into regional cuisines add to life on board all-inclusive 999-guest ship, which has a balcony for every cabin, a theatre, spa, gym and world-class speciality restaurants.

For details visit saga.co.uk/ocean-cruises or call 0800 50 50 30.

83 nights from £20,327 per person departing Southampton on January 6, 2021.

Price includes UK travel package to and from Southampton, all meals and entertainment, all-inclusive drinks (a choice of table wines at lunch and dinner, house-branded spirits and soft drinks, afternoon tea, 24-hour room service,  speciality dining, a full programme of live music, entertainment and talks, gym, sauna and exercise classes,  welcome sailaway party and unlimited tea, coffee and fruit juices in selected venues), free WiFi, all on-board gratuities, porterage, free shuttle bus to nearest town centre (whenever possible and when the ship is berthed more than 500 yards away), optional travel insurance and additional cancellation rights, or a discount if passenger has own insurance.

All excursions mentioned are optional, at an additional cost, and are subject to availability and change. Some of the highlights detailed may only be seen on optional excursions or by exploring independently.

Price based on two people sharing the lowest available balcony cabin grade and includes any relevant booking discount. Fare was correct at the time of sending and is subject to availability and change. Further terms and conditions apply. Call for details.



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